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East Country Electric Inc. Has Been Accredited since 2017

East Country Electric is a full service electrical contractor serving Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba since 2000. When you work with an expert contractor, like the ones at East Country Electric Inc., you will have access to trained certified professionals with experience. Whether you need Residential Electrical, Commercial Electrical, Industrial Electrical, or Agriculture Electrical Services; East Country Electric Inc. has you covered. You will feel more confident knowing that your project will be handled by people with expert knowledge and skill sets. The team members of East Country Electric Incs. technical support team are all Certified Master Electricians who follow the guidelines laid out in the Canadian Electric Code. They are qualified to service projects in industrial, commercial, agriculture, and residential areas. Our main focus is on facility wiring, complete from the ground up, service, maintenance and controls. Much of our work deals with agricultural projects such as grain handling, conveyance, and feed systems. Working with a full service contractor, like East Country Electric, you will have better cost control. Having to divide services among more than one contractor can get confusing and expensive. When one contractor is able to handle all of your project needs, you will have a more clear idea of the potential costs before the risk of a costly project is even started. That being said, things can come up and unexpected costs may arise despite careful planning. but at least you can have the work begin with a general idea of what it cost when the project comes to compleation.


East Country Electric Inc. is staffed by Certified and Licensed Master Electricians. They will offer you high quality Residential Electrical work at reasonable prices. East Country Electric Inc. Master Electricians provide you with the best electrical
East Country Electric Inc. is the right choice when you are in need of a commercial electrician / electrical contractor for your business, store, restaurant or office electrical needs in Alberta.
At East Country Electric Inc., we believe that the best way to grow and succeed in Alberta’s fast paced oil and gas industry is by ensuring that we take care of our customer’s needs and expectations.
Testing and correcting the electrical wiring proved to be more complicated that designing the panel themselves to the Client’s specifications. East Country Electric consults with each client and creates the ladder logic used to build control panels so t

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