Control for Bowden Grain Cleaning and Color Sorting Plant

Bowden Grain Cleaning and Color Sorting Plant
Bowden Grain Cleaning and Color Sorting Plant

The electrical control panel for the Bowden Grain Cleaning & Sorting plant controls the operation of 14 hopper bottom grain bins, 7 grain legs, 4 overhead surge bins, and ten bottom and top augers to tie all of this equipment together. High and low sensors on all bins monitor grain levels to prevent over-filling and activate grain leg spouting to move on to the next grain bin when the high sensor is triggered. The facility can clean grain, sort grain, or perform both operations simultaneously if required.

The grain enters the system through a receiving auger feeding a Receiving Grain Leg which fills three rough grain receiving bins. If the grain needs only cleaning, the control panel drops the grain through an electric gate into an auger and is transferred into a Rough Grain Leg and on into two overhead surge bins. The surge bins deliver grain to two grain cleaners . Six motors operate the grain cleaner and all six motors need to function for the system to work. The grain cleaner feeds two grain legs, a clean grain leg and a screenings leg. Screenings are delivered to an auger which feeds a screenings leg which fills a screenings surge bin and from there transferred into a load-out portable auger for disposal.

After cleaning, the clean grain is loaded into a clean seed auger feeding a clean seed leg. The clean grain is deposited into a bypass auger and from there to a clean product leg and into one of three clean product bins.

If the grain requires sorting in addition to cleaning, the clean grain is loaded into a sorter feeder auger and then into a sorter feeder leg and on to a sorter surge bin. The sorter surge bin empties into one of two sorters which are housed in a portable trailer. Each surge bin is equipped with high and low sensors informing the control panel of grain levels in the bins.

The grain is sorted into rejected product and sorted product. The rejected product falls into an auger transferring it to a rejected grain leg and from there to a rejected overhead surge bin which can be unloaded into trucks for disposal.

The sorted product falls into an auger that carries it to a sorted product leg. This sorted product leg transfers the product into three sorted product bins over a load-out conveyor which feeds a portable load-out auger.

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